Ross Corner Animal Wellness Center
Ross Corner Animal Wellness Center

Services include breed-specific health and genetic screening, pre-breeding exam, artificial insemination, semen collection, cesarean section, pregnancy radiographs tail docking and dewclaw removal, and infant puppy exams.


Dr. Rizner is certified in PennHip and has successfully taken radiographs for Mastiffs and Norwich Terriers and everything in between.  She can also produce x-rays for OFA hips and elbows.


PennHIP Radiographs

OFA Hip and Elbow Radiographs

Fresh Chilled Semen Collection and Shipping

Artificial Insemination from Fresh, Extended or Frozen Semen

Progesterone Testing for Breeding Timing

In-house Brucellosis Test (results in less than an hour)

In-house Parvo Test

Cesarean Sections (C-Sections)

Cervical Cultures


We also try to host a CERF clinic at least once per year.

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Ross Corner Animal Wellness Center

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