Ross Corner Animal Wellness Center
Ross Corner Animal Wellness Center

Laser Therapy

At Ross Corner Animal Wellness Center we believe therapies that work and have low to no side-effects are best.  That's why we provide laser therapy for dogs, cats and horses.


Laser Therapy can be used to:

  • Ease pain caused by injury or age
  • Speed healing of wounds due to injury or surgery
  • Manage knee injuries when surgery is not an option
  • Treat chronic skin irritation
  • Help healing after a dental cleaning or tooth extraction

We have a K-Laser 1200, which is one of the most powerful and versatile models available.  Keep in mind that with laser therapy, the important thing is to get the right "dose" of light.  Dose is achieved by multiplying power by time.  A powerful laser is preferable to a less powerful one because the time of the therapy is reduced.  Power also allows the laser light to penetrate deeper into the body.


Laser therapy works by stimulating cells to heal themselves.  Most of the side effects are pleasurable and include warm and tingling sensations that are actually part of the healing process.


Check out K-Laser's website to see more information.

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